Monday, 22 January 2007

WS-ResourceTransfer update

In 2006 IBM, Microsoft, HP and Intel announced an initiative to unify the WSDM and WS-Management standards supporting service management. This initiative includes the unification of the infrastructure that underpins WSDM and WS-Management. I'm the editor of the first specification published (in Aug 2006) as part of that initiative - WS-ResourceTransfer (WS-RT) - which defines a Web service retrieval and update protocol for manageable resources. This specification took as its inputs the WS-Transfer W3C member submission and the WS-ResourceFramework (WSRF) OASIS standard; our goal is to bring together the two communities using these specifications, and those that build on them,

At the time of writing the most recent activity on this specification was the public feedback workshop held in Cupertino, CA, on 6 Dec 2006. The feedback we received was generally very positive and will be factored in a future revision of this specification. A foilset that describes the WS-RT specification and the feedback we received are available through the WS-RT Workshop YahooGroup.

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