Friday, 1 November 2013

Pumpkins are Composable Modules Too

Ludwigsburgers (if thats a reasonable way to describe the people of Ludwigsburg) know how to celebrate Hallowe'en. They have the most brilliantly mad display of pumpkin sculpture I've ever seen. I don't know how this exhibition ever got the green light, but I'm glad it did. "I know, lets model all the events of the Olympic games as pumpkin sculptures!". And why not? Swimming, ski-jumping, discus, bob-sleigh, weight-lifting...its all there in the beautiful baroque gardens of Ludwigsgburg palace.

I was in Ludwigsburg for Eclipsecon Europe on Hallowe'en this year to talk about how OSGi helps complex software engineering projects manage their own success. If you want to see more about the highs and lows of WebSphere's use of OSGi, the mistakes we made and lessons we learned - and where I see OSGi heading - then here are (most of) the slides I used.

One aspect of this story that's going to be hard to improve on is the one at the bottom of slide 2. But if that longest of long-haul journeys ends up in Berlin in 2015, I'll be there...

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