Tuesday, 17 April 2007

WS-Transaction 1.1 has been committed

The WS-Tx TC - which IONA's Eric Newcomer and I chair - has now delivered the WS-Transaction 1.1 OASIS Standard which comprises the following specifications:

  • WS-Coordination 1.1 - which describes a common framework for Web services transaction models,
  • WS-AtomicTransaction 1.1 - which uses WS-Coordination and describes a Web services protocol for atomic, 2PC transactions,
  • WS-BusinessActivity 1.1 - which uses WS-Coordination and describes a Web services protocol for compensating transactions.

The TC held its first meeting in November 2005 and took, as input, drafts of these three specs that were contributed by members of the TC including IBM, Microsoft, IONA, Hitachi and BEA. During the course of the TC a number of the companies involved in the TC (IBM, Microsoft and JBoss/RedHat) developed implementations of the specifications to test the completeness of the specification by driving a number of pre-agreed AT and BA interop scenarios. We did this remotely using internet endpoints and it successfully validated all the parts of the specs covered by the scenarios. You can view the results for AT and BA scenarios.

Follow-on work

The TC will continue in maintenance mode to work on any maintenance issues brought to our attention and to produce a new version of the specifications with an updated references to WS-Policy 1.5 once the W3C has published a W3C Recommendation for WS-Policy 1.5 anticipated in August 2007.

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